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Beautiful mum cat/kitten pair available
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08-05-2016 08:57 PM

Affectionate and extremely child-friendly pair of cats need a home urgently due to child allergy. They need to stay together. Celia Hammond info below on how the pair will look after each other, and make it possible to go away on trips/work full time.

Anyone interested please text 07512 367006

Maple (mum) is approx 1.5 years old, gentle, small, very affectionate and playful once she gets to know you. Unusual brown tortoiseshell colouring (see pics). Neutered and chipped. Will adapt well to a new home because she is so young.

Kitten is black with white socks and vest. Great with young children. 10 weeks old, still nursing.

We may have another bonded pair of black kittens ready to go together at the same time.

All these are outdoor cats - need a garden and catflap. Ready to go in ten days.

Please pass this on to any gentle home that you think may be interested.


From Celia Hammond website:

It is good for kittens to grow up with another member of their own species, as they learn how to be normal cats through playing together – for the same reasons people take puppies to the park or dog classes to socialise with other puppies, and human children are taken to playgroups to mix with other children.

Growing up, they continue to provide vital company for each other – essential if everyone is out of the house for any length of time during the day. All a single kitten in a new home wants is its mum and litter mates.

Throughout their lives a pair of cats provide companionship for each other. Cats can live 18-20 years and during this time your life is likely to change – a pair of cats who have each other will cope better with events such as home moves, changing working patterns – in particular working longer hours, new cats in the neighbourhood, the arrival of a new baby etc.

Cats are very good mothers, they have very strong maternal bonds with their kittens. If their kittens are taken from them they will cry and search for days. Mother cats have even been known to go into burning buildings to rescue their young.
A kitten who is rehomed with its mum gains all the benefits of extended feeding, care and learning from its mum.

Adopting a mum and kitten is also a great idea if you work full time, as mum cat will take care of the kitten – and the only option better than a mum and a kitten – a mum and two kittens!- even more fun but with the watchful guidance of their mum!

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