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29-09-2008 03:23 PM

I have to say such heresay reports of crimes associated with particular businesses, whether it be Tesco (which was provoked by a police armed response team) or LA Fitness (of which I have seen no previous reports on this forum or Sydneham), do nothing to encourage people to shop and exercise locally.

It is such use of freedom of speech that has put off many shop owners from joining our discussions and I know a number who feel upset by the things said about their businesses on the forum in the past.

I don't want everybody to confine their comments to "isn't Forest Hill a wonderful place and nothing bad ever happens", but I think we should show some responsibility for what we say and avoid exaggerating things for which we have little evidence. And I hope that my comments are not seen as a personal attack on anybody, just a general observation on a number of recent postings.

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29-09-2008 06:44 PM

brian Wrote:
Not happy with idea of ladies only Gym. Surely this is discrimatary against gentlefolk.

I do get your point Brian, but as a member of said gym I must say I really enjoy and appreciate the all-female environment. I found traditional gyms far too intimidating and impersonal and have had some expensive never-used memberships as a result. Since joining the one in Sydenham I have gone a number of times every week - a massive improvement for me, particularly considering it is some way out of my way. It has also encouraged me to get fit in other ways, such as walking more on the days I don't go. If an all-female environment can encourage unfit types like me to go to the gym on a regular basis and start thinking about ways to improve their general health and well-being, then surely that's a good thing?

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01-10-2008 11:24 AM

I've been a member of LA Fitness for years (since it acquired the Springdale Spa - another story!) and although it isn't perfect many things about it are very good - in particular its yoga, pilates, stability ball and aquacise classes. The gym can get very busy in the evenings but is lovely early in the morning. The pool is generally very tranquil and there is a steam room, sauna and jacuzzi alongside. The men's changing room (in the Springdale Spa era it was the women's) can be accessed without walking around the edge of the pool. That's the main negative point for women pool-users - the downstairs ladies' changing room is small and requires walking around the pool-edge (plastic bag 'overshoes' are supplied). The women's changing room upstairs is spacious and I've not been aware of any security problems. There is a noticeboard for comments to which the staff are reasonably responsive. But it is a commercial operation and suffers from the usual cost-saving pressures - for example the management are always whittling away at the yoga classes because the classes are longer than standard exercise classes and the teachers (who are freelance) better paid.

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