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Southwark 20 mph speed limit
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15-06-2015 12:37 PM

I get the distinct impression that 99% of road users are ignoring the new 20 mph speed limit.

Having been in favour of a lower speed now I am not so sure it was a wise idea. It is never a good thing having a law that most people ignore.

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15-06-2015 01:37 PM

There's nothing so much fun as slowing down to 20 mph (not that I do much more than that, honest) for the speed camera on Sydenham Hill only to have someone behind honk, flash their lights then roar past you on the wrong side of the road just before the bend at the Woodman.

Hopefully the cameras catch them doing it, though.

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16-06-2015 08:51 AM

Lots of people ignore speed limits and, given that is the case, it doesn't seem surprising that more ignore a lower limit. A case of lack of enforcement for sure and does make it feel like a tick box exercise rather than one to actually save lives. Having said that, I guess that if enough people act responsibly then a cultural shift will happen eventually.

There are some strange anomalies with this too. If you come down Honor Oak Park from One Tree Hill, it is a 20 limit. However, just before the zebra crossings and the shop parade, it increases to 30! (Which seems totally inappropriate and dangerous actually, thanks Lewisham). This explains a mystery to me - the empty road speed marking at the end of Devonshire Road - no figure could be put here as it is 20 to the left and 30 to the right.

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16-06-2015 09:48 AM

I spend more time checking my speed than looking at the road, I am sure this is OK and nothing bad will happen as a result. Crying

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16-06-2015 10:38 PM

I understand the frustration people feel behind things moving slower than they ideally would like to go but if everyone chilled out a little and realised that tooting horns, accelerating like demons to be the first car at the narrow bit of the road, not speeding up at ambers, not letting any other cars out at junctions doesn't actually speed up your journey. You'll just spend slightly longer at the traffic queue at the next junction and in the grand scheme of things in London where most journeys are under 5 miles, you're talking minutes added to your journey.

Without enforcement, I can't see the 20mph being followed much. For most drivers, it feels too slow so it will creep up. The only thing I can see encouraging it, is for traffic lights to be rephased so that they work best (i.e. least waiting) for vehicles at 20mph (i.e. those at 30mph get stuck at every red for longer, those at 20mph get the golden run)

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17-06-2015 08:09 AM

Applespider, you are right about this. I remember a friend showing me this once in the City (with clear traffic) - hit the first lights and they are green and happy days, you traverse the square mile at 20 without having to stop again. A lot of congestion is caused by the behaviour you describe and the bunching of traffic at different speeds.

Admin, the Southwark aspect of this is very relevant to SE23. The stretch of Honor Oak Park I referred to with 20 limit is Lewisham on one side and Southwark on the other but it is all in SE23. Can this be moved back to SE23 topics?

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23-06-2015 03:17 PM

It appears to me that there is a complete lack of co-ordination between the two Boroughs. The speed limit always used to be 30 mph along Honor Oak Park and remains so on the Lewisham side. But Southwark decided to change their side to 20 mph. At the border the signs are very unclear or non-existent. If you drive from the Southwark side into the Lewisham side, there is no sign that indicates that the speed limit is now 30 mph (or, at least, I don't recall seeing one).

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08-07-2015 10:54 PM

I worry that these new borough wide limits are a bit indiscriminate and could actually reduce the effectiveness of existing 20mph limits which have been installed in response to accidents or dangers (schools, shopping areas, narrow wide streets). Especially when they are on quite wide roads with few crossing points or parked cars).

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09-07-2015 05:19 PM

Looks like there are some new/replacement speed cameras on Sydenham Hill?

I wonder if they have been calibrated to catch the lunatics who recklessly speed down this narrow lane at 21mph.....Sneaky

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