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Highway improvements to Dartmouth Road
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01-04-2016 09:11 AM

Anyone who believes that double yellow lines will stop illegal and inconsiderate parking really does need to get out more. Enforcement! Yeah right! No one enforces the double lines now, where will they magic people to do that from?

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02-04-2016 11:01 AM

Nobody has mentioned if there is going to be additional CCTV as part of the highway improvement. I am sure a few strategically placed cameras above double yellows would pay for themselves in a few weeks and would keep the road clear of repeat offenders.

I do think the creation of these additional seating areas like anotherjohn is a waste of space. The outside seats at the swimming pool are rarely used whereas the inside sofas are always used, there is no need to create more outside seating in front of the Library and Louise house or Heron House.

Michael hit the nail on the head when he said motorists like him would prefer to drive round the block looking for a space that is near rather than park in a car park a little further away. The regulation of the unregulated parking on the side opposite the library will probably reduce the current parking there from up to 30 cars to about 10 at most.

I do think the current plan will bring a lot of improvements but partly at the expense of the local residents who will see more motorists driving round their streets causing more congestion looking for parking.

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02-04-2016 08:57 PM

I'd say carve a long parking bay into Dartmouth Road's widest pavement from Derby Hill to The Bra Shop and shoppers will be happy to park their cars there and spend money in our shops, restaurants and bars every hour of the day come rain or shine!

This is a fair request.
As long as it wasn't at the expense of the number of trees and the waiting time was restricted to keep the commuters away.

Perhaps the shop keepers themselves could keep an eye on the bays to ensure drivers were not over staying.

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02-04-2016 10:17 PM

Yes Perryman - my idea was for short-term parking of up to 1hr.

The existing bays on the opposite side provide up to 30mins, which is free, but I think that's not quite long enough. I'd suggest ticket machines with 30mins free or say 50p for an hour.

Under the current system someone could be parked for hours and they'd get 30mins from whenever a warden turned up whereas, with a ticket in the windscreen, it's much easier to police - and it's fairer from the point of view of deterring people from hogging spaces for too long and not giving others an opportunity to pop into the shops or whatever.

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03-04-2016 10:36 AM

Just a reminder - We'll have a lovely sitting out area in front of the library & Louise House by August this year & community gardens behind both buildings.

Also if our joint community & V22 library bid is successful the community gardens will become one large community garden instead of being two separate gardens.

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05-04-2016 01:59 PM

The basement surveys are now being done!


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13-04-2016 06:37 PM

Over the years I have been quite appalled by the pavement parking on Dartmouth Road. Buses can't get by, and occasionally people with buggies have difficulty getting along the pavement. It is illegal in London to park on the pavement.

However, LBLewisham have informed me that although EVERY time I walk along Dartmouth Road there is at least one (and often two, three, four...) car(s) parked on the pavement the outsourced parking wardens have this problem under control.

In the last 6 months they have visited 124 times, i.e. less than once a day, and during that time they have issues 10, (yes ten!) tickets. That's at the rate of one every two or three weeks.

Because of this my 'complaint' has been "not been upheld".

I know there are plans to develop Dartmouth Road, which includes some designated parking, but currently it is a nightmare for motorists and pedestrians. It would appear that upholding the law - i.e. zero pavement parking - is of little importance. More warden attention appears to be given to people parking responsibly in car parks, even though there is no maintenance of the ticket machines. What is going on?

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13-04-2016 07:08 PM

You need bollards to prevent pavement parking.

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13-04-2016 07:36 PM

I've mentioned this on the other thread dedicated to the improvements works but how about this: every time someone sees illegal pavement parking, take a picture. Once a week or so, email Lewisham with times and dates and photo evidence if they want it. If it's just their word against ours, nothing will happen.

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13-04-2016 07:42 PM

29-04-2015 02:17 PM
I have been looking at this and my solution (breaking a few eggs!) would be to insert camera-enforced double red lines (as it is affects the movement of buses and traffic on Tfl's junction on the Sth Circ) and very strong bollards all the way through the bottle-neck right out to the kerb line to protect pedestrians. This would unfortunately prevent loading and unloading for the traders along that part of the road so, to compensate for this, there would have to be a re-jigging of the wider pedestrian areas extending from the bottom of Derby Hill to the betting office to provide some strictly enforced loading bays.

I agree with all of you - and I've been banging-on about this for a year - but do the Councillors or the Highways department do anything about it? Nah, they're too busy worrying about their poxy picnic area outside Paddy Power!

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13-04-2016 07:56 PM

[Kipya's thread merged into this one -admin]

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16-04-2016 09:23 AM

Completely agree with all posts merged into this thread!

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