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Lewisham Life magazine
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06-03-2015 05:08 PM

On the post Council Housing and Immigration someone called 152047 put this at the end:

"Meanwhile I notice yet another utterly pointless edition of Lewisham Life has been delivered. The person responsible for this really must lead a charmed life to have kept their job with money so tight for every other budget."

I am not a Council employee, nor an elected Councillor, nor even the person with the charmed life, but I do read this little magazine when it arrives on my doormat four times per year.
I don't know about the financing of Lewisham Life, but almost 10 out of the 32 pages in the latest copy are advertising, which obviously offsets the costs and it is the only communication from the Council which is delivered to every household in Lewisham.

Among the items in this "utterly pointless edition" is an explanation of the new electoral registration system, which will particularly affect young people and students who may be among the thousands of people known to be missing from the register in Lewisham.
Help to get a job, develop your skills, notice of the June Lewisham Job Fair that attracted 1,300 people last year; starting a business for those over 50; who needs all that?
Full details of SELDOC, the organisation that can get a GP out to visit you, or your child or your elderly relative, in the middle of the night; utterly pointless information!

Not every person in Lewisham has got a computer or a smart phone, so what's wrong with providing an occasional piece of essential printed information that doesn't rely on a battery or a broadband connection?

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09-03-2015 01:12 PM

Does anyone have any views on Lewisham Life magazine?

And whatever happened to that little SE23 magazine that we used to get every month?

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09-03-2015 02:32 PM

Yes to misquote Morrissey 'It says virtually nothing to me about my life'. I would like to be able to opt out of it being delivered...
SE23 magazine is still delivered to us but it is some time since we received the free local newspapers which seemed much more wholesome.

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09-03-2015 02:34 PM

You can opt out and only have the electronic version. I did (although I can't remember how, now).

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16-04-2015 09:38 PM

Dear DerbyBill

I am happy that you enjoy Lewisham Life and as you do then I must have been wrong when I said it was utterly pointless.

In less inflammatory words my concerns with this publication are:

1) Funds are short and the money used to produce Lewisham Life might be better used providing things like more social care for the elderly or better facilities for schools.

2) Lewisham have no statutory duty to produce this document and so if, like me, you would prefer less government it is a prime candidate for the axe.

3) The article content is largely shameless propaganda. By way of example there was a story a few issues ago about a woman who had managed to give up smoking after 20 or so years of trying. Laudable? yes and I salute that person. However there was no discussion of why it had taken that individual 20 years to give up or why so many people in Lewisham still smoke. In other words the article was selective and did not discuss the wider issues.

I hope that makes may position seem more reasonable.

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21-04-2015 11:34 AM

The problem is, I don't have any affinity with Lewisham as a borough. Lewisham is a rather old, shabby shopping district near Blackheath that I never go to. I don't care about it as a borough. I go to local places which are all in different boroughs, be it Lambeth, Croydon, Bromley and whatever other boroughs different areas are in (I really don't care!).

I go to things in these areas because I like the places and what they do there. I hardly ever go to Catford or Lewisham Town Centres. I often go to Forest Hill, Crystal Palace and other areas (and I genuinely care about them), more than Sydenham (which I also care about but have sort of given up on) if I'm honest because there is more there that interest me and my family.

I normally give the brochure a quick scan but rarely anything interests me and it feels like an election manifesto for the dominant party disguised as a local publication.

I wouldn't miss it, but for some I can image it's useful.

The last problem us that we get so much junk through our door it drives me mad, all of it goes in the bin including Lewisham Life. The only things we read are Transmitter, which is genuinely interesting, local arts festival and Sydenham Society leaflets which at least have some relevance and sense of 'local'.

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