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"Old men in limos"
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Tim Lund

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11-10-2014 07:29 PM

The phrase comes from Chris Boardman, driving force behind the British cycling renaissance. It's how he describes the businessmen behind some bizarre antics opposing, for no obvious reason, the introduction of two cycle super highways in London - not round here, but one east - west, going from Hillingdon to Barking, the other from Kings Cross to Elephant and Castle.

The basic issue is fairly simple - cycling is a more efficient use of roads, in the sense that more people will be able to travel a given distance per hour if they are cycling than driving. It also costs much less to maintain road subject only the weight of cycles than cars, and cycles kill and injure people far less. And there is also the public health benefits of people getting more exercise. Space on roads has to be shared, given the mix of people wanting to use cycles and cars, but as the number of people cycling increases, it's fairly hard to make an argument against increasing cycle capacity. So if - perhaps for some odd cultural aversion to cyclists - you don't want to follow through this logic, which is the policy of both Boris Johnson and Transport for London, you have to fight dirty. And the way you do it is to have your man

Source here

Peter Anderson, Finance Director of Canary Wharf Group PLC, have his company send out anonymous briefings, so avoiding open reasoned discussion, and also have him be the Chair of TfL finance committee that will decide on the Cycle Super Highway investment.

He really is in a minority, and most businesses, seeing how many of their younger staff want to cycle in to work, support these proposals. I have no doubt Chris Boardman has them to a tee.

Read more about it on the blog 'Cyclists in the City', and join me in lobbying our GLA member, Len Duvall, email, twitter @Len_Duvall, in making sure cyclists and young people don't get rolled over.

Source here

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