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Horror movies
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11-08-2008 02:59 PM

I'm a big fan of good horror movies and was wondering if Forest hill had any particular films that made them loose sleep. My most memorable are:
The original Elephant man which I saw at a young age and it terrified me, especially the first glimps of mr John Merrick. 9 or 10.
The original Wicker Man with Christopher Lee and Edward Woodward.
Alfred Hitchcocks 'The Birds'. I was only 10 when I saw this.
The Japanese version of the 'Grudge' called Ju-On which freaked me out. About a year ago.
The first 'Predator' when I was 8 after my parents had fallen asleep on boxing day. I terrified me but I loved it. Incidentally I also think Predator would have made an excellent celeberaty on 'I'm a celeberaty, get me out of here' as it would've made it more exciting.
The Blair witch project but the end left too many questions. 14 at the time.
Saw 1,2 and 3 which were very violent and psuchological. Year and a half ago.
I know they're cheesy but some of the Hammer house horrors left me shivering in bed and I was quite young when I saw them.
My first glimpse of Davros in the original Doctor who which caused me to scoot behind the sofa. I was about 9 but it never seemed to bother my younger brother who was 7.
I'll add more once I remember.

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12-08-2008 01:17 PM

Was generally quite unflappable as a child, and saw a lot of things a lot earlier than I probably should have done. Most of it failed to bother me.

What did? (don't laugh too hard) - Orca, Killer Whale, with Richard Harris. There was something about the idea of a whale with a grudge that went against all my childhood instincts and freaked me out.

Also (more conventionally) The Devil Rides Out and Witchfinder General - proper scary. Again, I may have been younger than I ought to have been while watching them for the first time. The Wicker Man is of a similar ilk - but it always seemed to me that it ought to have been more scary than it actually was.

Oh, and I was also terrified by/had nightmares about Sam the Bald Eagle from The Muppet Show.

[fetches coat/leaves]

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