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HOPfest Sat 20th September - Help Needed!
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Joined: Aug 2014
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20-09-2014 08:13 AM

Sounds great, I'll be there!

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Joined: Feb 2007
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20-09-2014 08:19 AM

Hopfest is currently being set up. We have 10 stalls (foodie and local artists) and the business's are involved too, most of which are raising money for charity. We have all volunteers we need, thanks to all. I'm sure the vast majority of SE23 locals will enjoy this community event.

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Joined: Oct 2012
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20-09-2014 09:53 PM

I live on Ballina Street and was delighted to have a pop-up artisan market at the end of my road today. I wouldn't mind Hopfest every Saturday! Well done to all involved.

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Joined: Jan 2008
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23-09-2014 06:58 AM

I have to say I thought HopFest was AMAZING! It was so good seeing all the residents, local businesses and pop-up stalls come together and I hope it happens regularly!

I also have to say that these things will always invariably attract the odd negative comment from some people who just don't LIKE CHANGE, but please don't let the odd one or two put off what was seen by the majority as being wonderful for our neighbourhood - I hear the organisers are planning another street market nearer Christmas so we have something to look forward to - I will definitely be going back and supporting it again.

Honor Oak is changing for the good, and we need to remember that - the parade is buzzing and has never looked better - let's support and encourage one-off events like this rather than complain about 'noise' and 'inconvenience'... and as one person diplomatically said - if you really can't bare it, you can always go out for the afternoon!


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23-09-2014 08:58 PM

Hopfest really was delightful and our family had a great day. Particular highlights were the treasure hunt, the play area at St Hilda's, and the remarkable guess the number of beach balls in the hearse competition at the undertaker on Honor Oak Park. The food and art stalls were excellent.

Next year, get the volunteers running the bouncy castle in Ballina Street to chill out a bit - max 2 children allowed at once and a laminated health and safety form to read and sign seemed a bit over the top. Also maybe get the shops participating to hand out a timetable - we missed out on a couple of activities because we didn't know what time they were on.

But overall it was brilliant fun and a lovely atmosphere. We spent over £100 on various things including some art and lots of food, so hope all the participating shops did well out of it and will be motivated to do even more next year. Well done organisers!

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24-09-2014 06:36 AM

HOPFEST was a resounding success and a lovely day and big boost to Local businesses and upcoming artists and food stalls who set up on Ballina Street. A lot of money was raised too. For example Donde donated all money received for brunch to 'dreams come true' in memory of a young Forest Boy Miles Humpfreys who died recently. Neroli raised money for Gt Ormond Street via their treatments and the bouncy castle. Constable & Toop for St Christopher's Hospice. I know there will be other events planned in the future by businesses and members of the community. I'm sure notice will be given to people affected by this so they can choose to attend or not. It is nice to see events where the community and local businesses come together.

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24-09-2014 09:57 AM

Really enjoyed HopFest too - thought the atmosphere was really buzzy and would love to see more. Agree with all the mentions so far plus there was also excellent face painting sponsored by Sebastian Roche, again all proceeds to charity.

Well done to all the businesses that took part. It really shows what can be achieved when they all pull together.

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