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Brockley Corridor proposed improvements
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27-08-2014 10:27 PM

A promising proposal from Lewisham - a shame it doesn't include the HOP shopping parade but still very welcome.

Take a look at this! Looks quite good so far but needs our imput:

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28-08-2014 10:27 AM

I think widening footways and reducing carriageway width at a number of already significant traffic-snarl points is going to do nobody any good. 'Improved public realm?' Fix the pavements and occasionally clean them, don't make them wider. On-street parking on the northbound approach to the HOP junction? Really? Bizarre.

Raised table doesn't 'distinguish an area', it's just an unnecessary expense and annoyance. As someone who lives on the continuation of the 'Brockley Corridor' at its southern end, the 'Southern Gateway' (please) needs a 'sense of arrival' no more than it needs a giant inflatable parrot.

'Oh, it'll create a more pedestrian-focused environment'. Perhaps. And make the area positively dreadful for buses. A lot of whose users are precisely the people who don't have cars (neither do I). Still, CARS BAD, eh? Must remember that before all else.

I admire the intent behind this, but find much of it misguided, and an artificial attempt to create a 'place' where there isn't one.

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28-08-2014 11:04 AM

Below are my personal thoughts that I submitted as part of the consultation:

With additional seating space outside Chandos, it becomes more important that this pub is safeguarded for the future against changing to a supermarket. It would be sensible to either locally list this building or list it as an asset of community value. If the council are putting money into improving the streetscape around this pub it is reasonable to recognise that it is providing community value.

The roundabout at Honor Oak (Gabriel Street) is poorly designed and could be improved as part of this exercise. Although there is a need to turn right out of Brockley Rise (southbound) onto Stondon Park (northbound), this does not need to be in the form of a roundabout. It may be preferable to allow right turns into Codrington Hill from Brockley Rise (northbound), rather than using the roundabout to make this right turn.

Adjusting the traffic lights at the junction with Honor Oak Park would be beneficial as these seem to create queues of traffic heading north and east. Removing the filter lanes from Stondon Park into Honor Oak Park would lead to greater congestion.

Any raised table at this junction should not lead to slower traffic turning out of Honor Oak Park. This could be achieve by a table that is extended for a reasonable distance into Honor Oak Park. Any need to slow traffic is likely to be traffic going straight on on Stondon Park, and rectifying this issue should not create more traffic problems on Honor Oak Park.

Reducing parking on the north carriageway of Honor Oak Park would allow more cars to use the filter lane when the right lane is more seriously congested. Double yellow lines could be extended towards Lessing Street on the north carriageway.

Improved pedestrian crossing at the junction of Brockley Rise and Stanstead Road does not appear to be part of this plan (presumably because the road is managed by TfL). This is an important crossing for patients at the Jenner and children walking to/from Dalmain. At present it is not clear to pedestrians where cars may be coming from as there is no pedestrian phase, and the phasing of the lights from four directions is difficult to keep track of as a pedestrian. It would be disappointing if this significant issue for pedestrians is not addressed as part of this improvements work.

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28-08-2014 07:46 PM

Thanks for bringing up the crossroads at Stanstead/Brockley Rise. It is abysmal. I live a couple of doors down, and can make neither head nor tail of when exactly we are supposed to walk across. I have taken to just holding my 6 year old's hand tightly and yelling "Leg it!" when there seem to be at least two stationary lines of traffic.
The 9 year old has to fend for herself if the other hand is full of shopping.

Why the f*** can't we have proper traffic lights all round here? (or a pedestrian subway) Laugh

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29-08-2014 08:09 AM

If you agree or disagree with my comments, or have others of your own, it would be valuable to have your say on the consultation. These consultations to take account of the number of responses on a particular issue.

I like baboonery's suggestion of the giant inflatable parrot. Reminds me of the giant inflatable rabbit in Bell Green that failed to get planning permission.

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29-08-2014 03:31 PM

Baboonery's comments are spot on for me as well.

This proposal sounds like a series of half-baked ideas pandering to the latest buzz-words in urban planning ("sense of arrival", "improved public realm" - oh, please..!), and I can see some of the suggestions being made actually making matters significantly worse rather than improving the local environment.

Like it or not, Brockley Road/Brockley Rise is a key traffic route between New Cross and Forest Hill, and no amount of raised tables and reduced width is going to change that.

What we need is a more constructive way to manage the motor traffic flow whilst at the same time ensuring that there are safe routes and crossing points for pedestrian traffic.

Sadly, the past efforts of Lewisham to do this in the HOP area give me no reason to be optimistic that they'll get it right this time either - and in five years' time we'll be asked to look at another proposal to "improve" the area containing a completely different set of suggestions...

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