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Decent grocery stores in Wynell Rd area?
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06-08-2014 04:03 PM

Hello, everyone,

I'm new to the FH area (and the forum - hi!), having previously lived in North London. Perhaps I've been spoilt by an abundance of great grocery shops which offered a selection of fresh vegetables... so please don't take my question as moaning!

But... does anyone know of a decent grocery shop in the proximity of Wynell Rd? There are a couple of stores around the corner, but they sell next to no fruit and veg, which is my main interest. I know there are shops close to Sydenham station but that seems like quite a trek, though, as I said, I haven't had the time to explore much yet so am only judging from the map!

Thanks for any advice.

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06-08-2014 10:39 PM

Hi and welcome!
we get all our fruit and veg for the week at the fantastic Farmers market which is on every Saturday morning at Horniman park.
Just cross to the other side of Forest Hill station, walk up London Road and its a three min walk.
before the farmers market opened I used to get the train to London Bridge and shop at Borough Market. I do a lot of juicing and raw food so fresh fruit and veg are very important to me!

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07-08-2014 08:59 AM

Hi Polabear

I moved here from north London recently too and found the same thing. We were very lucky to have an amazing grocers in Crouch End. I wish he would open up a branch in FH!

Anyway, I would second the farmers market, last weekend particularly the range of veg at the organic stall was great, right time of year I guess.

Get there early, some of it sells out later in the day.

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07-08-2014 09:13 AM

Thanks Nottinghillbilly - I'll definitely check it out! Sounds brilliant. I guess I'm just the kind of person who is unable to buy veg for the WHOLE week Wink Despite years of shopping / cooking, I just never seem to be able to judge how much I will need and then find myself in desperate need of fresh tomatoes at 9:37pm on a Wednesday. Ha.

Thorners, that's where I just moved from! And yes, the grocers were fantastic there, as were the kebabs (is it weird to miss the kebab places? Hopefully not, as I do!) I'm sure there are plenty of things I will find in FH that I didn't have in CE, though.

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07-08-2014 09:19 AM

Another Crouch alumnus! We're very happy to have made the move, FH has loads to offer. So far St Davids for Saturday brunch and the pub quiz at the Sylvan Post are two of our favourite finds, as well as pretty much everything about the Horniman. The Butchery on London Road is great too (so my husband tells me, I'm a veggie).

Sydenham and East Dulwich have grocers, fishmongers, health food shop etc which fill the gaps nicely for now.

I'm sure those things will come to FH at some point.

Apparently Authentic Kebab on Dartmouth Road is very good.

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07-08-2014 09:45 AM

If you want independent stores then the nearest are in Sydenham, quite a few of which sell a wide selection of fresh fruit & veg. The nearest chain supermarket is the big Sainsbury's down at Bell Green/Lower Sydenham.

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07-08-2014 10:35 AM

You must be coming from Green lanes areas, heaven for kebabs and grocery shops Smile Unfortunately you won’t find it here Mad The closest decent grocery is either Catford- on the bridge, unfortunately, no direct parking, but they have freshly baked flat Turkish bread and pastries or Sydenham High Street – the one free standing with big parking. Both have seasonal produce and prices adjusted seasonally as well which is very unlikely in supermarkets nowadays. Sydenham shop does currently fresh nuts and 5-6kg tomatoes boxes for £2.49, low chances of running out of tomatoes in a future ..

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07-08-2014 12:27 PM

The turkish shop on Sydenham High Steet offers much better quality produce than the one in Catford, which I used when I first moved here. I don' t recall its name, despite shopping there at least once a week for the last two years. It's clean and the fruit and vegetables are fresh. Their lamb chops, at 18,99 per kilo, are excellent. They have a massive selection of pulses, olives, tahini, herbal teas, halloumi cheese and of course the breads you like, large white and brown pitas, turskish focaccia style breads ( try them toasted, they are so good) and much more. They are close to the post office, I tend to park in the council car park, not far from the coop and from there, it is a very shor walk. It is really a shame, but I have been using the Sydenham High Street much more than our own here, since they have a good baker, fishmonger, bookstore etc. Also, recently trees have been planted and the pavements done up. It looks great. Forest Hill is going from being a sum of its fried chicken and barber shops to be a collection of "aspirational" coffee shops. I am not sue how much more footfall we can achieve here if we don't make a high street useful first, before turning into a much loved chichi avenue some people seem to crave, devoid of a Morrison s , God forbid.

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11-08-2014 10:53 AM

Thank you for brilliant advice, everyone!

I have now checked out the Turkish shop in Sydenham and loved it. Handily, 75 bus goes from just around the corner from my flat (no car, sadly), so will be able to buy these 6kg crates of tomatoes I so crave without pulling a muscle Wink

Didn't make it to the Horniman farmers' market this week but it will happen at some point, I'm sure - I'm curious to have a look around.

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11-08-2014 01:11 PM

It is a great time of year to go to the Horniman market as a new season's produce is coming through from local farmers.

Three types of cauliflower, really juicy tomatoes (although possibly not in 6kg crates), and the first of the new apples were there this weekend. August - October is really the best time of year for getting the best variety of fresh vegetables at the farmers' market.

Disappointingly Billings haven't been bringing their fish up from Sydenham for the last couple of weeks, but I'm told they should be back in September.

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12-08-2014 07:38 PM

We love the Istanbul shop at the bottom of Sydenham Road - turn left at the end of Mayow Road, just past Kent House Lane and it's on the right. Really friendly and have remarkable range of Mediterranean stuff considering the size of the place. Not sure fresh veg is strongest point (though isn't bad and herbs make sainsburys look like clowns) but well worth a visit.

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