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The downside of road improvements!
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16-01-2011 01:37 PM

We had a notice hastily pushed through our door last week about re surfacing this week and hence everyone had to quickly move their cars, and also reschedule deliveries, repair men etc as no one could reliably access the road during working hours. That ok you might think however it has meant no rubbish collection now for two weeks as only the recycling vehicle arrived before the 8am start on Wednesday. In addition the work took a lot longer than scheduled ie for almost 4 whole days. I would have thought there could have been a bit of cross referencing on the Councils part as effectively many of the bins in our road could have been wheeled to either end for collection from a neighbouring street or that a collection was rescheduled.

The Council in some sort of wisdom has marked out areas for the hump replacement which is fine apart from the fact that they seem to have inserted new zig zag lines leading up to the hump locations. We have worked out that this reduces available car parking by 6-8 vehicles, perhaps more. If anyone knows for certain that we can still park on those lines it would be helpful, otherwise the Council seem to have been a bit lax on consultation on this point. I would have thought that residents should have been consulted on such changes. Added to which I have never seen any examples locally of these zig zag markings around road humps, so wonder why a no parking zone around them is suddenly needed.

The whole thing has been a bit of a joke as although there was some road damage in part due to the snow, the road was surfaced only 4 years ago so complete resurfacing again seemed unnecessary. Predictably the vibration of so many heavy vehicles damaged the water mains and we had several leaks and drops in water pressure. In addition we are likely to face further bad weather in the coming months, so spending this money now seems a little premature as I would have thought the end of the budget year was the end of March.

I suppose we should be grateful for small mercies such as Council spending in this current financial climate but some commonsense would have been nice!

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