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Stop and Search
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17-01-2008 04:42 PM

(picking up on the comments in Letter from Police thread on Stop-and-Search at FH station on 17 Jan and moving since it's probably another topic entirely)

MrsR Wrote:
Sadly I found out that we were part of a "stop and search" operation!It was sold to us as a we are here to discourage terrorism, they gave us an information sheet then the next thing they were taking our details and searching our bags. Actually I am not too happy about it in hindsight.

Hmmm. I had a quick look at the Home Office website, and there are clear guidelines for these sorts of things. Unless you looked dodgy, or the police were acting on some sort of specific information, according to these guidelines, they were probably out of order in (a) stopping you in the train station and not in the street, and (b)looking in your bag.

Looking at the Met's own website, they seem to take a somewhat more robust interpretation: police officers and PCSO's " not need reasonable suspicion to [stop and search you]. It is under this law that police conduct random searches in train and tube stations." On this basis, they were ok on everything they did.

Underpinning all of this there seems to be a specific terrorist threat required to legitimise the search (rather than a general "something might happen somewhere at some time") - though the Met's website is not very clear (perhaps contradicting itself on this point). If I had the time I might try to look through the (3) relevant acts and accompanying guidance to police.

Have to admit that much as I don't like the idea of being summarily stopped, I wouldn't recommend arguing with the constable who stops you. But that might just be my Northern Irish upbringing ("whatever you say, say nothing") kicking in.

Interested to hear what others think about this, and whether stop and search is used appropriately and makes everyone feel any safer.

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