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Swine flu vaccine for pregnant women
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28-10-2009 06:52 PM

Does anyone know which is more risky:
a) getting swine flu while pregnant; or
b) getting the swine flu vaccine while pregnant?

I've heard all sorts of horrors about the vaccine, in particular that:
- it's been inadequately tested, and not tested at all on kids or pregnant women;
- it contains Thimerosol (sp?) which is dervived from/is a form of (ethyl)mercury. Apparently this is potentially toxic to unborn kids and could cause birth defects or autism (though this is debated); and
- it also contains some other 'no-no' called Squalene (sp?). Not sure why this is bad though.

On the other hand, I've been reading in the press how risky contracting swine flu can be, though I've also heard reports that it's being overhyped and we should all be more worried about avian flu instead.

So... my question is.... does anyone have any real/proper information about the least risky course of action (apart from spending the winter hiding in the house with only a stockpile of Tamiflu for company)? I know that everything will be a guess at this stage, but I'm hoping that I could at least make an informed guess.

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