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[Split from SE23 Topics 'Big Issue seller outside Sainsbury's' -admin]

frosty wrote:
I apologise for going a little overboard here, and if I have upset anyone. There is such a state of rose-coloured views of what Forest Hill could be on this forum that I believe it is blinding many people to where it is actually currently heading. An outlook projecting the horrors it could become should surely only help to add to our resolve not to allow it to happen. Yes, I am unhappy with the empty shop-fronts, the proliferation of bookmakers and lack of sense of community or improvement I currently feel. I moved to the area believing that it had enormous potential to become a hub for the area, an aspirational place to live - sadly that is becoming less apparent, and I am reacting to it.
If you have any information that you regard as accurate or reliable with regard to crime figures, I would be more than happy to hear it. Considering how the measuring stick for these statistics is never the same length, and that police are tackling minor crimes rather than major ones in order to reach solved-target figures, even now advising people to report phones as lost rather than stolen, I think we should take them with a pinch of salt. I can only respond to what I have seen in the area - half of the people I know have been burgled, several mugged, graffiti has been sprayed all around my property and local area, and there have been three cars dumped and burnt out within a few hundred metres of my home in the last year. I have had to call the police and services at least eight times this year with regard to everything from antisocial behaviour and vandalism to arson, and on several occasions, the crimes were being committed by schoolgirls and boys still in their uniforms. Don't talk to me about realistic, you haven't got a clue. Maybe that is just london, and par for the course. Maybe it is just my corner of Forest Hill. But it's something I don't see being prevented or relenting, particularly with the current 'bury my head in the sand' politics people seem to be adhering to, or the 'TV can bring up my kids' and 'I wanna be a gangsta' mentality that is more than apparent if you care to open your eyes.
I also appreciate that people feel the desire to be charitable, and I too have no problem with the concept of big issue salespeople. It seems a reasonable solution to the continuing problem of homelessness and poverty. But again there is a wide gradient to the activities of BI salespeople and beggars too, from the unassuming guy and his dog who walks up and down the trains into london bridge, to the eastern european gypsy gangs who will steal anything that is not nailed down, and the abusive & aggressive heroin addicts trying to flog their 'last one' to get a bed in the hostel - or preferrably keep the magazine for the next person and just take the money. I have come across all of these types personally, and for the most part have unfortunately found that there is very little distinction between running a magazine sales business and begging with menaces. Yes, the Forest Hill one doesn't appear to be in that group. I would just prefer her to stand a little closer to the railings or nearer to the shop, just not directly in the path. I'd also like her not to approach me when I am using the cash machine. In truth I've avoided the supermarket for some time, so maybe she's improved.
Regarding beggars, I have friends who work with the homeless around london, who all agree that the worst thing you could do is give them money, as the majority of it will be shot up their arm. Give them food or a cup of tea instead, just don't give them money. Generalisations yes, but if you are looking for sainthood then you should have some idea of what your cash is going to be spent on, and the damage it serves to propagate.
If Forest Hill is such an affluent and thriving area, why have there been fewer companies opening up in the area than leaving it? Why are bookies prevailing? Do you see that as a good sign?

Why are you so obsessed with bookies? There are two in the centre of Forest Hill, so far as I know. I near enough live opposite one and forgot it was there the other day when I said there was only one, that's how much it impinges on my life. The other one is moving from a prominent site to a slightly more prominent site. Hardly the 'stampede' that was mentioned on here the other day. Rich places have bookies too: I lived in Crouch End before I moved here and there are four on a row of shops not much bigger than the London/Dartmouth sweep. Ditto the even richer Muswell Hill.

Someone referred to them as 'detrimental businesses', while singling out the Question for praise, which as a resident of Dartmouth Road made me roar with laughter.

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