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Steve Shaw Computer Services  Armstrong & Co Solicitors

would you like to alternative options to save Forest Hill Pools and Louise House
Yes 82.22%
Aguirre, annsquire66, ben, bigjulie, borderpaul, Claire30, davey, davyj1, Elizabeth25, Forester, forest_hill_billie, Geoff, hoppy, ht, jalapeno, joseph, katie one, kittyk, Legs11Eleven, loca, mattluke, michal, millesens, nasaroc, nashbone90, pattrembath, Perryman, robertlondon, Savvy, seeformiles, shzl400, Spearmint, steveb, stevegrindlay, sydenhamcentral, thenutfield, Tim Walder
37 82.22%
No 17.78%
Cellar Door, grahamw, hillwalker, IWereAbsolutelyFuming, michael, robwinton, roz, SophieBee
8 17.78%
Total: 45 votes 100%