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Joined 09-04-2006
Posted on Wednesday, 02 August, 2006 - 01:38 pm:   

Does anyone have any news on the developments of the old McDonalds and Aceri? The last time I checked the For Sale sign was still up - anyone got any inside info.? I noticed that they moved the bus-stop from in front of the old McDonalds perhaps signifying potential for outside seating/ coffee shop style?
Joined 13-10-2005
Posted on Wednesday, 02 August, 2006 - 04:10 pm:   

No idea, but what about the empty unit next to Sainsbury's? Wouldn't that be the first choice to be leased? (depending on size)
Joined 18-04-2005
Posted on Thursday, 03 August, 2006 - 07:27 am:   

I know when McDonalds closed some persons were saying Cafe Nero would move in . I suspected all along the most likley scenario is what we have , an empty boarded up unit.
I sincerly hope I am proved wrong and a decent outlet is opened
Joined 09-04-2005
Posted on Thursday, 03 August, 2006 - 10:48 pm:   

Yeah me too. All the kids/teenagers who congregated inside Macdonalds have found a new meeting place - on the pavement outside the fried chicken outlet. I sometimes avoid the area around the bus stop when it gets a bit too crowded there. Anyone else noticed?
Joined 04-08-2006
Posted on Friday, 04 August, 2006 - 04:54 pm:   

Yes, I've noticed the new trend to hang around outside the chicken place! I've had to step in to the road several times just to get past as nobody bothers to move out of the way...
A Cafe Nero would be very nice indeed and I can't see the kids being too tempted to hang around outside a coffee shop...or at least I hope so!
Joined 18-04-2005
Posted on Monday, 07 August, 2006 - 08:00 am:   

Hanging Out outside chicken shop ( only a poultry ammount of space ).
Should be tucked up in bed after 8pm
What is happening to society
Joined 18-04-2005
Posted on Monday, 07 August, 2006 - 12:53 pm:   

By the way this is not Forest Hill High Street but London Road

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