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Privatising the East London Line

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Joined 15-04-2006
Posted on Wednesday, 19 July, 2006 - 01:15 pm:   

For those who dont know there is a Blythe Hill Fields USer Group who are working to get the best out of Blythe Hill - they now have their own website:

and also a forum:

on which to post suggestions about what you would like to see in the park...

its a great park, especially at night with great views across london and out to Kent...
Joined 15-04-2006
Posted on Wednesday, 19 July, 2006 - 01:18 pm:   

Please ignore the above post - its meant to say this:

"Livingstone has cooked up a plan for the full privatisation of a section of London Underground. Despite being "totally opposed" to the public private partnership that was foisted on to him by Gordon Brown, KL is now gung-ho about selling the East London Line. A campaign is being launched to stop it at the following public meeting:

"Don't sell the East London Line!
Ken Livingstone and the Government want to privatise the
East London Line. They want to allow private financiers
to bid for it. This is the thin end of the wedge for the
privatisation of more tube lines.

Rail privatisation has been a disaster along with the
PPP on London Underground. But despite overwhelming
public opinion to end this privatisation nightmare the Government
is living in denial of the reality for rail travellers and workers.

Government subsidies - our money - are far higher than they were under public ownership, but services are worse. Rail tickets have increased by three times the rate of inflation since privatisation.

Public transport should BE public - including the East London Line, the North London Line and Silverlink.

Support the campaign and the public meeting to Save the East
London Line.
Our speakers will include:
BOB CROW General Secretary of the RMT Rail Union
LOUISE CHRISTIAN The well known solicitor who has acted tirelessly for rail crash victims and victimised communities.
Wednesday 26 July 7.30pm at the Hospitality Room, Hackney Empire, Mare Street. Buses D6, 106, 254, 277 or 38. Hackney Central Station
Organised by Hackney Trades Union Council and RMT London Transport Regional Council."

has anyone heard about his, or have any thoughts?
Joined 24-03-2004
Posted on Wednesday, 19 July, 2006 - 03:24 pm:   

Don't think it was Ken's idea. It was always the intention to "transfer" the line back to National Rail (like the North London) where it will run the same as all the other National Rail lines - i.e. a private company runs the trains. This is not part of a wider plan to "privatise" the Tube. It *is* however why the East London was not included in the Sub-Surface Lines PPP.

Personally, I'm not in favour, for the reason that the Tube is better run and better funded than the National Rail system and seeing as we pay the same it is our right to get the same standard in return.

However, public control of assets is "so over" that you may as well hope to see Elvis or Marc Bolan play again as see the system nationalised. I also think Crow is a total buffoon and wouldn't put him out with my personal firehose if he was on fire, still less jump in with a load of self-interested campaign merchants and leftist dinosaurs.

It's a done deal, so let's extract the positive from it, and try and get the best we can for FH via the support of Jim D and Len Duval.
Joined 07-06-2006
Posted on Thursday, 27 July, 2006 - 03:39 pm:   

See statement from Transport for London below – basically the East London Line will be operated under a TfL franchise, which means they can set higher level of standards. For example, with the North London Line (which is being transferred to TfL) they have been able to ensure that the operator provides additional station staff, Oyster ticketing including the ability to use Pay-As-You-Go and extra train services.

TfL statement:
“The East London Line is not being privatised and will remain in public ownership. Passengers will benefit from improved, high-frequency metro-style services. What is in fact happening is a massive upgrade of transport links that will integrate the extended East London Line into the franchised rail network and the North London Railway, for which TfL takes over responsibility next year. We want the same trains and the same type of service on the East London Line and the North London Railway in order to provide the best service for passengers.

TfL will determine fares and the frequency of services, providing more and better services with more jobs and better opportunities for staff. Once the extended line reopens, it will be operated under a TfL franchise, and will lead to more – not fewer – jobs. There will be absolutely no redundancies and all current staff will be offered alternative positions within London Underground in full consultation with the trades unions.

The existing shuttle East London Line is a small fraction of the integrated rail service TfL will provide when the extension is built and integrated with the improved North London Railway services.

An example of this arrangement already exists in London with the very successful, popular and ever expanding Dockland's Light Railway. This is a publicly owned railway with fares set by TfL that is operated by Serco.”
Joined 09-04-2006
Posted on Friday, 28 July, 2006 - 01:08 pm:   

The Oyster use will be a real bonus. It sounds like the service will be efficient and well-oiled, if we are comparing it to DLR then we should have a great service linking our humble homes to the last!

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