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New development on Wesbourne Terrace

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Joined 25-04-2006
Posted on Tuesday, 25 April, 2006 - 10:22 pm:   

There is a new developement going up on Westbourne terrace at the moment. I don't suppose anyone knows what it's going to be? I recall getting something from the Council saying that someone had applied for planning permission to build there but I can't remember what it said. Does anyone else know anything more?

Also, as someone who has not posted on here before but who has been reading the forum for quite some time, I'd just to say how much I enjoy reading all your posts - they're a really interesting and entertaining way to find out more about the area.

(But they've also given me a lot a class-envy and resentment about the fact that I live on the wrong side of the tracks and not in UDB but I'll save that for a future post!)


Joined 21-04-2006
Posted on Tuesday, 25 April, 2006 - 10:45 pm:   

Hello Robert,

I live on "this side" of the tracks as well ( I have the decided not say wrong anymore when I refer to it) but I don t know anything about the development I am afraid. I am sure we will soon be enlightned by another forum member.

In the mean time, did you manage to read the Forum conversation concerning the creation of a Forest Hill Society ? Would you be interested in participating by maybe telling us your views or attending our first meeting? This would enable you to learn even more about your local area and would give you a chance to make it a better place......who knows, one day we may able to say that we live in the best side....
Joined 25-04-2006
Posted on Tuesday, 25 April, 2006 - 11:01 pm:   

Hi Millesens

Thanks for your message. I have read the thread about the creation of a Forest Hill Society and I think it would be a really great idea.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'd have time for much active involvement as I work very long hours and I'm always cancelling social arrangements because "I have to work late" (the joys of wage slavery!). I don' think I would be the most reliable member!
Joined 21-04-2006
Posted on Wednesday, 26 April, 2006 - 08:34 am:   

Fair enough Robert, at least now you know what is happening and where to find news and developments. Keep reading !!After all we are doing this for everybody who lives in se23, whether they can afford to actively participate or not.
Joined 01-04-2006
Posted on Wednesday, 26 April, 2006 - 09:15 am:   

Application submitted for the demolition of the existing building at 58 Westbourne Drive SE23 and the construction of a four storey building incorporating balconies comprising:

5x2 bedroom self-contained flats
5x1 bedroom self-contained flats
5 car parking spaces with vehicular access onto Westbourne Drive
a bin enclosure, a cycle store.

(London Borough of Lewisham, ref. DC/05/59726)

The application was granted on 8th September 2005. If it is not this one let me know and I will do a little more digging.
Joined 25-04-2006
Posted on Wednesday, 26 April, 2006 - 05:23 pm:   

That's the one!

Many thanks for that FH1

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