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New development on the Crown Graphics...

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Joined 07-12-2003
Posted on Friday, 24 February, 2006 - 02:57 pm:   

One of the key development sites identified in the Forest Hill Strategy was the Crown Graphics site which runs along the railway line below Dartmouth Road.

Demolition work is now more or less completed and it is possible to see what a large site this is. Its development will mark another forward step for Forest Hill, bringing more residents and business to the area. It will also assist public safety as there will be more pedestrian movement through some of the small alleys and side streets off Dartmouth Road. It will also make the pathway along the railway line very much safer.

Unfortunately, the demolition has made all too visible what must be one of the largest graffiti in Western Europe on the flank of the Royal Mail Sorting Office across the railway line. This piece of criminal damage is about 8ft high by 15 yards long, and bright pink. The Council's graffiti team have obtained an agreement from Network Rail that they will clean it off, and this should happen within about three to four weeks (as the graffiti is so close to the railway line, removing it is not entirely straightforward).
Joined 17-03-2005
Posted on Friday, 24 February, 2006 - 03:19 pm:   

Cllr - what is the site to be used for? Have any businesses taken up any of the space on offer?
Joined 03-03-2005
Posted on Friday, 24 February, 2006 - 03:19 pm:   


sorry, couldn't resist.

What are they going to build down there? you mention businesses - will there be shops? I guess not - probably a bit too out of the way. What sort of time frame to build do we know?
Joined 07-12-2003
Posted on Friday, 24 February, 2006 - 04:28 pm:   

The development comprises 5 small commercial units, 10 live work units, and 42 flats of one or two bedrooms. One cafe/restaurant will be included. The road access will be one way in down Dartmouth Place and out up Clyde Vale. The site is part of the Forest Hill sustainable living zone, and so will be quite high density. This will at the least ensure more people spending money in the local economy. I think it will really add something very valuable to our neighbourhood.

I don't have a completion date for development, but demolition has gone on quite quickly, and I would expect that they would start construction work in the near future.

If we were only thinking about the large pink effort, I think graffito would be possible, and this is how the word used to be listed in English dictionaries. Modern usage (over at least some 50 years) is to treat 'graffiti' as invariable.
Joined 24-03-2004
Posted on Friday, 24 February, 2006 - 05:19 pm:   

Don't rise to the grammar baiting.

The rest of you should just be grateful for getting this sort of dialogue and response.
Joined 09-04-2005
Posted on Friday, 24 February, 2006 - 06:49 pm:   

Councillor, is there anywhere on Lewisham website that might have a drawing of the proposed development - or is it too early for that?
Joined 28-01-2004
Posted on Friday, 24 February, 2006 - 08:02 pm:   

Very good to hear about the development - it must be an improvement, and more business for the Dartmouth road shops.

Joined 17-03-2005
Posted on Monday, 27 February, 2006 - 08:55 am:   

Grammar - I hope any baiting is taken with good humour....

Talking about development, is there any plans to do anything with the spot behind the post office? I think it used to be a cinema once upon a time. And also the plot next to finch's. That would make a world of difference to the feel of the area.

Idea - maybe the council can invite the chap back who did the tunnel under the station to carry on his work elsewhere? Let's give FH some street cred! How about a huge 20 foot (shouldn't that be feet?) mural dedicated to Hair Hektic's 118 118 moustache makers?

And lastly, I hate to say that since the de-bushing of the flora and fauna, our beloved 60's station now has a touch of the Peckham about it. Grey metal fencing really is not that nice. Is it possible to get some greenery around before we have to drop the forest tag?
Joined 07-12-2003
Posted on Monday, 27 February, 2006 - 09:52 am:   

To round up on a few points:

1. The planning applications are available on the Lewisham website, but not the drawings. You have to visit the planning office for that.
2. Discussions are going on about the Finches site, and an aplications should emerge in the near future. Housing development is going on behind the Post Office as we speak. If it's the site I think you mean, it used to be a Tescos.
3. I feel that the issue of the proposed mural would best be resolved by an extensive public consultation, in which case it would be inappropriate that I should comment.
4. The Council continues attempts to get the railways to improve stations along our line. I believe some progress is being made, but it is a slow laborious process. TfL's stations, especially the surface stations on the underground, which share the same problems as the national rail stations, put the national railways to shame.

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