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Post office in woodvale

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Joined 08-12-2005
Posted on Saturday, 28 January, 2006 - 04:13 pm:   

Can someone tell me is there anywhere or someone i could write to to try to get the poat office n woodvale re-opened as i find it very differcult to get int forest hill or down to the one on forest hill road can anyone help
Joined 18-04-2005
Posted on Saturday, 28 January, 2006 - 05:17 pm:   

Hi Bow Wow.
Too be honest I did not know there was a post office there. I assume it was a sub post office.
I believe that the post office are trying to close a number of shops. Let us hope we hold onto the main office in Dartmouth Road.
Not sure who you should write to but you could start with Jim Dowd MP. Good Luck
Joined 30-03-2005
Posted on Sunday, 29 January, 2006 - 07:31 pm:   

Jim Dowd's business address is:

The House of Commons
Joined 08-05-2005
Posted on Monday, 30 January, 2006 - 11:53 am:   

This is a tricky one, Bowwow. The sub post office near the butcher’s was very handy but I believe the shop’s owner was not unhappy about losing the Post Office business. Unless another of the shops in Wood Vale can take it on, a ride on the 363 bus to the sub post office in Forest Hill Road is the best option. If your own mobility is the main problem, try the local Driving Scheme (Tel 8291 –1747) provided by volunteers and see if they can help you to get out and about.
Joined 28-01-2004
Posted on Monday, 30 January, 2006 - 07:08 pm:   

I miss the sub post office on Wood Vale.

That parade could be great with the Moor Park Tavern re-opened, a PO, a great butcher, general stores, etc, etc, but the POs closure was not good news.

Joined 08-12-2005
Posted on Monday, 30 January, 2006 - 07:46 pm:   

Thank you for the help i have spoken to the shop keeper and he gave me the impression he would like it re-opened and i have to agree with les would benice if they re-oened the pub as long as they keep the place that and not a drug den t had become b4 t closed i liked that pub and some ruined it for the rest of us
Joined 08-05-2005
Posted on Tuesday, 31 January, 2006 - 02:39 pm:   

If the Wood Vale shopkeeper would like the sub post office reopened on his premises, Bowwow, is he willing for people to sign a petition inside his shop asking for it to be reinstated? I would happily sign it and encourage others to do so.
Joined 18-03-2005
Posted on Tuesday, 31 January, 2006 - 08:22 pm:   

Sorry to be a pessimist but the Post Office has had a major exercise in closing post offices over the last few years. I've seen somewhere that Jim has got confirmation that the Dartmouth Road one is safe but others have closed all around such as, I think, one in in Perry Vale. So I wouldn't hold out much hope for trying to reinstate one. But, bearing in mind the boundary between Lewisham and Southwark goes down the middle of Woodvale it may be worth trying to get on board the councillors for that part of Southwark ( well as our Lewisham mebers for Forest Hill ward. But I'm pretty sure both Lewisham and Southwark have protested about post office closures with no effect. It's a national issue and makes life very difficult particularly if you're not very mobile.

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