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Joined 04-05-2005
Posted on Thursday, 20 October, 2005 - 08:19 pm:   

The future of our local, regional and national park is up for consultation NOW!

Visit the London Development Agency exhibition being held in a marqee at Penge entrance, close to the cafe, from today till Tuesday, 9 am till dusk. If you cant make it in the next 5 days a second opportunity occurs when it transfers to the Ornamental Gardens at Upper Norwood Gate from Thurs 27 Nov for a further 5 days. Failing this there will be a travelling "Roadshow" which will visit Sydenham Somerfield on 19/20 November 10.00 am till 5.00 pm.

Have your say about the future of this Grade 2 * park and National Sports Centre, both of which have fallen into sad decay over the past decade under Bromley's stewardship. Whatever you feel about the Olympics this is an amazing opportunity for a regeneration of an important sports facilitiy for our community.

Associated with a new Regional Sports Centre (and future Olympic Training Camp) is a new look at the landscaping of the park.

I urge anyone interested in Crystal Palace Park, be it as a recreational facility or a sports venue to visit Crystal Palace Park over the coming two weekends (it wont do anyone any harm to go for a walk in a local park, anyway, why not take in the dinosaurs as well) and take part in an important consultation
Joined 17-03-2005
Posted on Saturday, 22 October, 2005 - 12:14 pm:   

I thought there were plans to produce a copy of the old Crystal Palace/ botanical garden.?
I went to an exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery a year or so ago. Anyone know what happened to that?

The sports centre, although not in Forest Hill, is a wonderful thing to have on the doorstep. I will be there to voice my views.
Joined 07-12-2003
Posted on Sunday, 23 October, 2005 - 08:59 am:   

An important issue is physical access to the centre to those living on this side of the centre. During the daytime, the existing centre is an easy 10-12 minutes jog from where I live in Dartmouth Road. Five bus routes run from Forest Hill ward to the park, and it is an easy walk from either the bottom of the park or the top.

After dark, it is another matte as there is no access through the park. Whether driving or using public transport, you need to allow half an hour. (This may get a bit better when the East London line arrives).

Therefore, some thought should be given to the provision of safe all-hours pedestrian access from this side of the park if that is at all possible.
Joined 17-03-2005
Posted on Sunday, 23 October, 2005 - 09:14 pm:   

Cllr Whiting, you must be fit. Jog in 10-12 minutes? I used to cycle to the sports centre, and it took me well over half an hour to get to the Penge gate!
Joined 07-12-2003
Posted on Sunday, 23 October, 2005 - 10:42 pm:   

'Fraid so, Roz.
Joined 19-05-2004
Posted on Monday, 24 October, 2005 - 12:58 pm:   

As an ex-active member of the Crystal Palace Campaign we managed to defeat the proposed multiplex cinema (before I am called a kiljoy, it was simply the wrong place for such a venture). OK, so Bromley said it was the economic case but pressure from the Campaign must have had an affect. Lots of proposals for dveloping the top site (think highly unlikely that there would ever be a recreation of the original Roz) but the Crystal Palace Campaign website is not the easiest to get through:

Perhaps others can summarise where we are. Found it difficult to get a lot of support in Forest Hill when I campaigned on this, Jim sat on the fence for a while (have the letter!) and councillors did not respond - interesting to see that the new stadium is creating more interest!

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