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Prestige Auto's 2000 - Flats

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Joined 10-01-2005
Posted on Wednesday, 22 June, 2005 - 01:25 pm:   

I live on Duncombe Hill in Honor Oak the above garage backs onto my garden I can only assume that the past owners of my house sold off part of their garden to the garden as did my neighbours. I have just found out that the garage are trying to get planning consent to turn it into flats, my garden is roughly about 50ft so if there were flats at the end of the garden they would be able to literally look into my garden and house, can anyone advise me or where I stand etc. I phoned the council and they said they hadn't received anything yet, but to keep phoning. Can the garage really go from single storey to double storey??? This will de-value my house I am certain and my now private garden will become exposed! Can anyone help?
Joined 18-04-2005
Posted on Thursday, 23 June, 2005 - 01:54 pm:   

Whilst I symphasise who cannot be looked at in their garden or house in SE 23. That is what curtains are for.
I would have thought the argument was not can a garage go from one to two storrets but can they get a change of use.
If the succeeded with the new toilet housing (Junc Devonshire/ St Davids ) anything possible

Good Luck
Joined 06-03-2005
Posted on Friday, 24 June, 2005 - 10:53 am:   

Pippa, don't panic. By law councils have to hold a public consultation on planning applications, so once the application is officially made, you can write in to the council with your objections and they have to consider them. For more information about planning and your rights put the following link into your browser
Joined 24-03-2004
Posted on Friday, 24 June, 2005 - 12:30 pm:   

You may find that they won't be allowed to put windows in the wall which would face you anyway - there are long-standing rules about distances from window to window, to do with distance at which someone would be titillated, apparently.
Joined 17-03-2005
Posted on Friday, 24 June, 2005 - 11:46 pm:   

Glad you're back on form, Brian.
Joined 06-05-2005
Posted on Thursday, 30 June, 2005 - 05:16 pm:   

Unfortunately, both the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and The Mayor's Office in their planning guidelines, favour high-density housing development in locations like yours near to good transport links. This will also be reflected in Lewisham's adopted plan and although this type of application would probably not warrant any sort of wide public consultation, the local Planning Officers are duty bound to carefully consider the potential implications regarding loss of amenity (particularly light and privacy) to your property. I think the restriction on windows from which one can look directly into another person's property is about 70 feet - but the developers will ideally not want their flats to be built in such a way that their potential buyers will feel that their own privacy is compromised.
With regard to a possible devaluation of the value of your house; whilst it would probably devalue your enjoyment of your house, there's a good chance that its marketability and actual monetary value to a new buyer may not be affected at all once the new place is built - assuming it goes ahead.
I have found the people in Lewisham's Planning department to be very helpful and understanding, so don't shy away from phoning them to air your concerns.
This may never happen - but even if it does, al-ways look on the bright si-ide of life, da-duh, da-duh-da-duh-da-duh !
Joined 03-03-2005
Posted on Tuesday, 05 July, 2005 - 01:43 pm:   

If it's any consolation, I just had planning permission for an outside staircase refused on the grounds that it would overlook next door's garden (despite the fact that the window I was going to build it from already overlooks nextdoor's garden!) The people in all the surrounding properties were consulted and no one raised an objection, but the planning office in their manifest wisdom felt that even if the people that live there now don't mind, the people that might live there in future might mind. While this is something of a p in the a for me, it might seem to work in your favour, Pippa. After all, if they use potential future objections as grounds for refusing permission, then they surely have to take actual objections from real human beings pretty darn seriously!!
Another point that might work in your favour - it took them a lot blooming longer than their supposed 8 week deadline to come to this tremendously helpful decison.

So that was several hundred quid well spent...

Bitter...? Moi?
Joined 25-07-2005
Posted on Tuesday, 26 July, 2005 - 02:43 pm:   

More voices are louder than one!
They will probally have to serve you a party wall notice (thats not a joke!) which you need to sign before they can start any work, don't sign it.
It will take them age's of legal bumblings to sort that out.
Sounds like they would need to put up scaffolding to build the flats, which of course would not be aloud in your garden, this means the brickies would have to build from inside upwards, which is a complete nightmare (oh dear).
I had dealings this year with lewisham planing and found them really helpful.
Good luck, no one wants people watching whilst pruning the lawn.
Joined 22-06-2005
Posted on Tuesday, 26 July, 2005 - 03:24 pm:   

I have people watching me when I prune the lawn - they live on Duncombe Hill. There are some unsightly garages at the end of my road - I hope they're turned into flats soon as this would undoubtedly improve the road on which I live. Perceptions, perceptions...
Joined 25-07-2005
Posted on Tuesday, 26 July, 2005 - 04:23 pm:   

Do they pay for the privilege?
I will most defiantly be objecting to your plans.
Joined 22-06-2005
Posted on Tuesday, 26 July, 2005 - 04:34 pm:   

They're not my plans. But there are 2 sides to every story and sympathetically converting said garages to flats would enhance my neighbourhood.
Joined 25-07-2005
Posted on Tuesday, 26 July, 2005 - 04:38 pm:   

you are clearly as bored as I.

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