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Joined 31-05-2005
Posted on Wednesday, 01 June, 2005 - 12:14 am:   

Hi there, I wonder if someone out there has any photographs of this school in the late 1950's and early 60's when I attended? Also I used to walk to school down Dacres Road past an old house owned by a Lord and Lady Baird, does anyone have any recollections of that house. I remember because we used to pinch apples of the trees in the grounds as a kid, called it "scrumping"? I lived in Thriffwood, which is technically Sydenham and played up the huge oak and chestnut trees in Mayow park are there photo's of it or the bird sanctuary they built behind Thriffwood? Hope someone can direct me to some Internet or printed source material as I now live in Australia
Kind Regards
Mike Bannister
Joined 18-04-2005
Posted on Thursday, 23 June, 2005 - 01:59 pm:   

I went to Dacres Road 60/66.
Was in Drake House
Headmaster was Howard and later Potter.
Do you recall Mr Ashby best History Teacher ever.?
You are lucky living in Aus.
I may have pictures. I will have a check.
Joined 16-06-2005
Posted on Saturday, 25 June, 2005 - 10:56 pm:   

Taliking of schools, does anyone know which local schools are collecting the Sainsbury's healthy kids vouchers? I have loads to give away.
Joined 31-05-2005
Posted on Sunday, 26 June, 2005 - 08:44 pm:   

Hi Brian would love any pictures you have of school, Mr Ashby, Economic History. Mr Hemmings Woodwork and Mrs ? Bookkeeping are my pleasant teacher memories.
Who was the head of Drake House, he was a fair person as well.
I have lived all over the world and apart from New Zealand, which must be number one I think Australia is the best. Although every country has its own flavour and areas within those countries like Se23 are standouts
Talk again soon, maybe
Joined 18-04-2005
Posted on Monday, 27 June, 2005 - 08:20 am:   

Yes Mr Hemmings , he was also in Drake.
My Tutor Master was a very nice teacher called Mr Novotny.
The House Master was Mr Boone. Also Maths teacher.
Do you recall the terrible Magoo buses which took us down to the playing fields for sports in Sidcup. They are still sports fields but private now.
I will do my best to find some old pictures for you.
Joined 31-05-2005
Posted on Sunday, 10 July, 2005 - 04:24 am:   

Brian, I really appreciate your trouble re the photographs. Would love to come and take them myself but unable to at present. I remember Mr Novotny, but would not have without your cue a very pleasant man I agree.
I don't particularly remember the buses but was abysmal at sport, when I was there I played soccer as goalie, because I could reach the crossbar, I was long and skinny in those days, with enourmous ears, like Mickey mouse, that stood at 90 degrees from my skull. I used to get asked to ear the ball to someone or other.
Didn't Mr Boone become HM
Do you remember a John Richardson and a David Leaning. They were my good mates
When did you leave school?
In case we are clogging the forum, my email is
Joined 18-04-2005
Posted on Sunday, 10 July, 2005 - 01:14 pm:   

Sorry for delay in pictures I have been very busy but will get round to it. Will send to your e mail.
I joined in 1960 Drake House. Left 1966.
Don't recall the guys you mention.
They seem to be doing major building works at the school at present. Seem to be pulling down the old gym's and building something over top playground
What primary school did you go to
I went to St Barts which was then in Kirkdale
Joined 07-12-2003
Posted on Sunday, 10 July, 2005 - 09:03 pm:   

The new build is a sports hall and gymnasium which will be open to the public out of school hours.

Joined 31-05-2005
Posted on Saturday, 16 July, 2005 - 03:15 am:   

Brian, I went to Althelney Road School in Bellingham and then we got the chance of a new house at Thriffwood, off of Silverdale from where we were living in Overdown Road. I think the School was of a new wave at the time, so had a high profile. Given the heights to which many of our teachers rose I guess they were quite highly qualified. I had a horror time in those gym's I was at the time a long skinny kid and Mr Frances? Gym teacher used to love playing British bulldog, I used to dread the crunch as packs of what looked like to me at the time front row forwards descended on the slighter guys. I don't think there was much malice in it, but it still hurt. Nevertheless they were still good times.
No hasling with the pictures just when you have a moment
Great to see the move on to utilise facilities out of school hours. In rural Australia schools have acquired a new life and are often busy for 20 hours a day, sharing high cost capital items such as computers, DVd's, Sound Systems etc

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