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Any changes in the past few years?

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Joined 05-05-2005
Posted on Monday, 09 May, 2005 - 11:53 am:   

After growing up in Ladywell and Forest Hill, then scooting off to Uni and the big bad world of W-O-R-K in Wimbledon, i am returning to the welcoming bosom of Forest Hill. We are looking at 1 bed flats on Sunderland/Waldram Park Road etc, and t'other side of the tracks as it were. Could you please update me on what SE23 is like now - when I was last here in 2001, a flurry of pound shops and a billion takeaway were to be found - how are things now shops wise, leisure wise, crime wise etc. Have Honor Oak and Sydenham pulled up their socks? Any insider advice on buying property in the area at all? Many Thanks
Joined 19-05-2004
Posted on Monday, 09 May, 2005 - 01:32 pm:   

You've got the posh estate close to Hornimans the main drawback being the pub was closed down ten years ago, the post office a year ago, the railway line closed fifty years ago and the bus route split into two.

Then there are the other post codes, with better amenities but scroll down to the Moor Park Tavern thread (and others) to read the considerable debate on what's good, what's bad, where to live and who the celebs are.

Then there's the neglected HOP. Again several threads on this.

Sydenham with gangland shootings and hand car wash wars.

Peckham and East Dulwich can't make my mind up. Some elements seem to be becoming trendy/gentrified.

Anyway spend an hour or so browsing through the threads over the last six months will give you a good indication.

PS Some excellent pub crawls can now be had in the area.

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