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Joined 28-03-2005
Posted on Saturday, 09 April, 2005 - 11:00 pm:   

Any poker players in the vicinity ?

i'm not a card player ( honest!)but quite fancy learning Texas Hold Em.

Obviously not for cash........not yet, anyhow.

Any offers.
Joined 25-11-2004
Posted on Tuesday, 12 April, 2005 - 09:38 am:   

I've recently started playing.
I know the rules, but that's where my poker knowledge ends - honest.
You have to play for money though, or there's no point - even if it's just a tenner, which still makes it a pretty cheap night of entertainment.
Anyway, I'd by up for a game if one gets organised. I have chips.
Joined 19-04-2005
Posted on Wednesday, 20 April, 2005 - 03:47 pm:   

I've started playing recently (texas hold em no limit), not on any regular basis but just getting to grips with the rules. We made a quantity of chips = 1 pound and if you ran out you could buy more off other players if agreed. A tenner works just as well, it makes you really concentrate. If a game comes along i'm on for it.

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