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Independent property article - feedback

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Adam (Unregistered Guest)
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Posted on Thursday, 10 February, 2005 - 01:41 pm:   


Had a very open and long telephone call from the editor of the Independent property section regarding the article on SE23. The editor was very nice and very open in admitting there were mistakes within the article and was extremely apologetic that it went to print. The end result is, it was agreed that FH would have a ‘proper’ write up within the next few months, the context of the article is yet to be agreed. But that will be known nearer the time.

My offer to show the journalist around the area still stands, and I will be discussing it further at a later date with the section editor.

Will keep you informed of the progress!

BaggyDave (Unregistered Guest)
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Posted on Thursday, 10 February, 2005 - 03:34 pm:   

Tut tut, Indie getting it wrong? Thought that was the preserve of the Grauniad

Hopefully a full (hopefully front) page apology will restore our house prices. Otherwise the hang um and flog um brigade should band together to sue the b'tds
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Posted on Thursday, 10 February, 2005 - 04:13 pm:   

Adam, let me know when you are showing the Indie bloke around FH and I will arrange for the muggers and beggars to 'disappear', if you catch my drift. Wouldn't want them hanging around giving the wrong impression. I'll take them all to the Capitol for a slap up meal and some alcopops, whilst you show the journalist the sights - just keep him away from the Capitol as it won't be pretty.
leo (Unregistered Guest)
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Posted on Thursday, 10 February, 2005 - 09:47 pm:   

Top idea my man Newman - and tell you what let's not let them go to the other pub either! who exactly do you think you are? No, i don't catch your drift. Capitol is fine.
BaggyDave (Unregistered Guest)
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Posted on Thursday, 10 February, 2005 - 10:17 pm:   

The Capitol

From my lovie mates I believe that it was a good cinema
And from the older generation a bingo hall that was popular well before the national lottery
As for a pub. Well it's cheap. Can't think of any other redeeming feature.
But slagging off the Capitol is getting rather tedious. Howsabouts some of the awful extensions (not hair but houses) or is this too elitist?
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Posted on Friday, 11 February, 2005 - 09:16 am:   

Leo, I know who I am, the question is do you know who you are? For the benefit of those new to the site who either don't have a sense of humour or couldn't be bothered reading previous posts, it was a joke - I don't really intend to take all the muggers and beggars to the Capitol. BTW, Capitol is not fine.
Cookie (Unregistered Guest)
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Posted on Wednesday, 16 February, 2005 - 10:31 am:   

The Indie getting it wrong has nothing on the gem of an article that appeared in the Lewisham Independent (the hang um and flog um brigade's journal of choice) last year, describing FH as, amongst other things, 'mugger's corner' and quoting a bunch of supposed residents who all just so happened to think that the area had gone to the dogs.

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