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Sky TV in Vale Lodge

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Joined 01-10-2007
Posted on Tuesday, 02 October, 2007 - 08:59 am:   

I've just recently moved to Vale Lodge in Forest Hill. I wanted to have Sky installed, but when the engineer came round to fit the dish, I was told that the trees which are positioned in front of my living room window would mean I wouldn't get a signal. Since the dish needs to be south facing, I can't install the dish on any other external wall of my flat. Does any one know whether there is a communal dish in Vale Lodge? If not would any one have any interest in proposing one to the freeholder?
Joined 09-02-2007
Posted on Tuesday, 02 October, 2007 - 10:11 am:   

Have you thought about Virgin or Tiscali tv as an alternative, Dan?
Joined 18-04-2005
Posted on Tuesday, 02 October, 2007 - 12:14 pm:   

Hi Dan
Suggest you ask your neighbours. Leave the free holder as last resort as if his parking charges are anything to go by will cost you.
As Nevermodern says try Virgin , I am 95% certain that they are on cable.
Joined 29-07-2007
Posted on Tuesday, 02 October, 2007 - 12:28 pm:   

Hi Dan

We've got Virgin Media and they are far better than Sky. We pay 30 a month for which we get telephone (with free calls to landlines off peak), broadband (very fast) and TV, which has most of the Sky channels - and also Setanta at no extra charge (it is the XL package - about 120 channels).

To be honest, the only reason I can think that you would want Sky is for the sport.
Joined 09-02-2007
Posted on Tuesday, 02 October, 2007 - 01:29 pm:   

You can get Sky Sport on Virgin, too. And on Tiscali. The only things you can't get on Virgin are Sky1, Sky news, and skysports news.
Joined 17-03-2005
Posted on Tuesday, 02 October, 2007 - 06:40 pm:   

Actually you can't install satellite dishes at Vale Lodge as its against the terms of the lease - others have had to take theirs down or pay over the odds when the landlord had to do it! Try a wireless option instead. I believe the freeholder was talking about getting a large digital aerial at one point too so this might be a better bet.
Joined 09-02-2007
Posted on Tuesday, 02 October, 2007 - 09:08 pm:   

I think that Sky will install a communal dish if more than four people in a block want the service - there's then just one dish for the whole block. Check with the freeholder if he's willing to contemplate this. But Tiscali is through your broadband connection, so wouldn't involve any wires or dish.

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