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New coffee shop in forest hill

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Joined 09-02-2007
Posted on Monday, 24 September, 2007 - 02:54 pm:   

Noticed there's been work going on at the old Organic Republic shop - asked the bloke inside today, and he tells me he's opening a coffee shop there in about a month or two.
Joined 18-04-2005
Posted on Monday, 24 September, 2007 - 03:45 pm:   

If it happens then great news.

The Organic Rep was not customer friendly. Not open Sunday morning . Also other times when should have been open was not
Joined 20-09-2007
Posted on Monday, 24 September, 2007 - 04:33 pm:   

Yes, our prayers are finally answered!
We all should support this venture as much as possible.
Joined 20-08-2007
Posted on Monday, 24 September, 2007 - 09:31 pm:   

This is brilliant news!
The attempt of the Capitol to build a coffee area by the entrance is admirable, but it really doesn't have the atmosphere and felt really like... well... a cinema.
Joined 18-04-2005
Posted on Tuesday, 25 September, 2007 - 12:55 pm:   

It is a great pity about The Capitol Coffee Area
Many of the staff do there best but need a separate area for drinkers on the side( already exists but most drinkers parade through coffee area. Also cannot believe new drinking laws. They are serving alcohol at 9am on Sunday. Hard to believe anyone would want to drink until after midday.
Joined 07-12-2003
Posted on Tuesday, 25 September, 2007 - 10:32 pm:   

'Not until the sun has touched the yardarm'! they used to say. Maybe some of us are now confusing the yardarm and the bowsprit?
Joined 07-06-2006
Posted on Thursday, 27 September, 2007 - 11:43 am:   

Great news about the coffee shop. I look forward to this (as someone who works form home in SE23 especially).

If anyone speaks to the owner, please encourage them to join in here (it did the Honor Oak a lot of good) so we can find out plans and maybe have some input as well.
Joined 11-06-2007
Posted on Tuesday, 09 October, 2007 - 06:18 pm:   

The sign is up and is called 'The Lemon Grove'.
Joined 18-04-2005
Posted on Friday, 12 October, 2007 - 01:16 pm:   

Still looks a long way from opening. I will certainly give it a try.
Trust , unlike the other shop , will open Sunday morning
Also seats in the other shop looked far to regimented. Hope they have revamped these
Joined 19-05-2004
Posted on Friday, 12 October, 2007 - 05:42 pm:   

With a continental housing development (Forest Hill Centraal) can we have a Dutch coffee Shop please, oh and we could get the canal restored whilst we were at it, flatten the hill...
Joined 17-03-2005
Posted on Friday, 12 October, 2007 - 06:25 pm:   

Hopefully pram and pushchair friendly....

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